Saturday, February 5, 2011

Test renders with Maxwell


  1. This has to be my favourite set, last shot especially is ultra realistic. A couple questions:

    1) Where do you get your models from?

    2) What modeler, poser, animator, and rendering engine are you using? Is it ray-traced?

    3) Can you also do some classy non-nudes with Lara about her mansion yacht? You're Scenes are fantastic!

  2. thank you :)

    @1 a lot of models are from DAZ 3D content

    @2 I use DAZ Studio, Vue 8 and Maxwell Studio, now my render engine is Maxwell

    @3 yes, but maybe later, right now I'm working on some pictures

  3. Hi De Tomasso;
    Your work is magnificent,I'm a poser user I'm creating my art with poser7 ButI want to use maxwell for my renders,But I couldn't able to "export" poser characters with their skin textures to the maxwell render!Do you have any suggestions to me?What is the followed procedure in order?If you can answer this questions, this gonna be a great help for me thanks in advance,and congratulations to you for your works :-)

    1. Thank you :)
      Export whole scene as .obj file, then assign to all mesh proper material.
      I don't know method to export with texture, because in Maxwell you must create own materials (diffuse, specular, bump map...)

  4. Thank you DeTomasso:-))
    At the past I was try to export from poser a figure(for example V4!)To Maxwell but Her typical skin texture was not possible to send maxwell!If I don't have a skin texture,how can I create diffuse,specular or bump value,for a skin texture does not exist??:-)))Do you have any problems between the DAZ and Maxwell?For example; How do you export that lara croft figure's skin to the maxwell?just as a.obj? or do you call her skin texture map in to the maxwell material room and apply one by one to the arms,legs,face etc.etc....??Also I wanted to know if you use any other software between the Daz and Maxwell?
    Sorry De Tomaso,I know, I'm asking too much question but this is very important for me and until now,You are first person I saw prepares renders in Maxwell with the Daz characters!:-)))I need every detailed info for this, if you don't mind!:-)))Thanks in advance,I wish you success to your new works!:-)))))

    1. Thanks again :)
      Well, if you import your character as obj in Maxwell (or different render software) you must create your own materials, like I said. The materials is applied to arms, legs , face, etc... yes, for each part of body is created material consist of diffuse, specular, bump map...
      I use DAZ Studio, Maya, Mudbox, Maxwell and Photoshop for my artworks. Just patience and experimentation, good luck :)

  5. Sorry for my late answer De Tomasso:-)Thank you very much for your help and information,I'll try to Maxwell render with Daz characters,As you say,Patience and experimentation are the key words :-))))))Thank you again for all your help,I hope you don't mind,if I'm asking some questions at the future again:-)))By the way,I will send you an e-mail and I will give some information about me:-))
    Thank you again,Have a great weekend:-)