Saturday, May 7, 2011



After 2 months of intense work and 760 hours of rendering I finally finished 
my first comics. I hope you will like it.

Download link (42 pages ~ 29.55 MB) 



  1. Yaay

    Amazing work as always!

    I always love them

  2. Time well spent, enjoyed every image can't wait to see your next work of art mate.

    Bloody brilliant.


  3. Thank you so much, I'm glad that you like it :)

  4. Great work as always, man!
    However, I'm missing the sexy Lara poses (like on page 31 from example) from your earlier works... too much focus on cawks for me! I think the focus should really be more on Lara (single)...
    But apart from that, I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for every hour spent on it!

  5. is there a way to get the pics in higher resolution? and/or without speech bubbles?

  6. Thanks for critique, yes, next time I try to focus more on Lara, if u mean solo action.
    I can post comics without bubbles, but in same resolution, I think 1200x900 was good choice, bigger resolution needs more time and approximately 18 hours per image was more than enough.
    link for comics:

    thank you again :)

  7. lol awesome! I love the expressions on her face when she catches winston.

    I agree with anon, Lara is so much sexier solo. It jives with her personality, nobody can possibly good enough to please her and she's not the type to take no "cock" from no one. And if she did, she'd be riding on top calling the shots or have them crawling on their knees with the steel of two cold beretta barrels pointed down at their foreheads! Croft doesn't "fuck" around!

  8. oh forgot to add that #19 is absolutely AMAZING position + expression. he knows he's busted and she's toying with him. brilliant!

  9. Your fanservice is simply aweome, DeTomasso... can't thank you enough! You're great, man!!!

  10. You are right, Lara is very dominant person and I can clearly imagine what you mean. Yes, she was more submissive here.
    btw thanks for riding on top tip
    and thank you, thank you all million times :)
    I am very glad and happy that you like my work.
    I can't express words what it means for me.
    thank you all :)

  11. Rockstarblunt22 May, 2011 04:20

    Nice work! lots of great stuff here. Time well spent I'd say. Pretty renders.

    As a note, would be cool if lara kept her equipment belt during all this. Why? Because Why not? :)

    Keep up your amazing talent!

  12. Thank you very much Rockstarblunt :)
    In next "riding time", she will have her gears...

  13. You're the man. Never stop! You're work gets better and better.

  14. Superb work Tom, for sure and also funny as Winston was peeking... would have been funny as well if Lara went like "I spank your naughty bottom!" dominant.

    She says "You just wait here and I'll get dressed in a fitting outfit to give you a proper edjucation (or ejaculation? *smiles*)... comes back with 6 inch high heel boots and whip...

    Thanks a lot for the share... LOVE it :-)

    Hmm on a sidenote would be also funny if we see old winston like in the TR1+2 games where he's a old chap he simply would have gotten a heart attack while cumming on Lara *laughs*... thinking "that was worth it" as dying thought.


  15. No need to hope, mate. Liking it is our only option.
    Thanks for the great work.