Monday, June 20, 2011

Mix #2

Mix #2





  1. First pic is incredibly hot, thanks for creating these.

  2. as always beautiful, sexually provocative and very real... Your most beautiful Lara! I look forward to wait for new! Do not laugh if there are errors in my text, I'm from Russia! Good luck DeTomasso...

  3. Angie's Lover20 June, 2011 21:17

    Your pics are wonderful. Laras body in the 2nd pic is very hot.

    I have asked it in the "New Lara" set from May 14th: Can you do a hardcore series with the red hoodie?

  4. @anon1: no problem, thank you

    @alanbeslekoev: thank you so much :)
    Don't worry my friend, I understood every word, I'm also not from english speaking country, sometime please excuse my english...

    @Angie's Lover: sorry, I didn't answer you
    yes, I can make some hardcore with red hoodie :), but I must finish now some softcore images

  5. DeTomasso, you're really awesome. One question: I'm a total noob, why does it take so long to render one image?

    Apart from that, great work man. Can't wait for some new (hardcore) Lara images!

  6. @anon2: thank you very much,
    rendering process takes so long time, because I use unbiased render engine (Maxwell) also known as physically based light simulator, these types of renders need a lot of time to compute

    and yes, hc will be soon, just few softcore images I need to finish :P

  7. throwback to the original CG set, I love it!