Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mix #4

Two new pictures (yes, will be more of them)



... oh, look, Doppie is back...


  1. needs more chair

  2. Hey DeTomasso. First of all, I'd like to thank you for your great work, I've been a fan of yours for some time now and have commented on almost every publication of yours by now. However - and I'm sure many may not feel like I do - I feel like the best picturs of Lara have always been her poses (solo). Honestly I have to say that none of the renderings actually involving sex (or guy-interaction) are as erotic or sexy as, e.g., this last picture of hers in the catsuit or hoodie.
    Apart from this, I'm always glad to see new pictures and would like to thank you for your great work. Looking forward to new pictures in the future!

  3. Hi, and thank you sooo much for your feedback and comments.
    I'm very pleased that you like my work, it means a lot for me.
    From time to time I feel that, I need create some sex scenes with Lara.
    I'll try to make more solo pictures, focused on her charm seduction.
    Thank you again.

    btw Angie's Lover, I don't forget it ...

  4. Angie's Lover11 July, 2011 01:23

    Thanks, I'm looking forward to see it.
    Btw. your last pics are awesome. The Doppelganger... yummy...

  5. Hi DeTomasso! Anon2 here.
    Why isn't your blog more well-known? Just look at Konashion. Dick's scripted one flashgame and suddenly all fanboys kiss his ass for any update.
    But aside from that, let me say that nobody expects you to follow every suggestion we commentors make if you don't feel like it. Lara in a leotard? Doing gymnastics? Masturbating? Would be great. BUT NOT IF IT'S NOT IN YOUR INTEREST TOO. I value your own creations above anyone's suggestions here.

    On a side note, is there any way to help you render the images faster? Like get you a more efficient rendering program?


  6. ... OR posing in that sexy catsuit, with legs up and spread for example...

  7. guys it's not a catsuit, it's a wetsuit.
    sheesh! has NO ONE seen the original CG sets!?

  8. AWESOME!! Top pic in Mix#4. Love it. More like that Please. Doggystyle from front view with Lara's titties hanging ...Yummy. I Do MUCH, MUCH Prefer her in Solo pics tho. You are a Master, Thank you for all the Magnificent Lara's

  9. Thanks all for comment and ideas, I hope that I can realize few of it this weekend, I'm quite busy these days.
    @Acall: you read my mind mate ^^

    Thank you all again :)