Saturday, November 19, 2011

Solo Raider

When girl is alone ...

Three weeks of intensive work and finally here is the new set of Lara's leisure.
All images are in 2000x1600@1.26~2.08 MB.

Here you can download all:

//Due some uploading error are all images uploaded here on blogspot and are automatically resized to 1600x1280. I will try to reupload (on imagevenue) as soon as its possible//

Corrected, thanks to YmomY for the tip :)


  1. A couple of things to say first did not know what you where upto, that a lot of pics done and they are realy good one of my favs is the last one. After seeing these i realy want you to do anoter animated project. and a little joke thats not a dildo that a space staion lol. WildHawk

  2. Totally worth the wait :)amazing work once again!

  3. One more thing i went to daz studio to see if i could find the lara croft character packige or what ever she comes in and i found nothig i was looking to see if i could find it and see how much it would cost. can you give me a hand or tell me where to go if you dont mind. Wildhawk

  4. "Solo_Raider_21.jpg" 1+ ;)

  5. this makes me so happy! :)

  6. WOW, Hiya & Thank you my friend. I was wondering how come we haven't seen anything new since that Simply AWESOME header render that is currently my wallpaper (sized to 1920x1080).

    This set is Gorgeous. I Love them all. My Favorites by far are #7 & #8, and also coming in third #13. But all are just breathtakingly beautiful. I could go on -but I'll stop here.

    Thank you!!

    just me, ....Summer

  7. Angie's Lover22 November, 2011 17:44

    What a wonderful set. My favs are #7, #8 and #13, too. Thanks.

  8. Seemed so quiet lately... but now... O_O Wowz! Loving them all, they're amazing! Hawt, good use of stuff xD, and what a lovely wet ending. :] Fantastic works, thankies! :)

  9. These are amazing... You are absolutely incredible! Could you please do a Lara Croft lesbian foot fetish pic? With Lara getting her toes sucked? You are extremely talented. Keep it up!

  10. @WildHawk: thank you, unfortunately I'm not planning to make an animation in near future,
    but I hope, I will post some test animation during next year
    In Daz Studio is not Lara character. She was created of my vision (imagination / idea) of Lara Croft.

    @Hydrocity: thank you very much :)

    @Nesoun: thank you very much :)

    @anon1: thank you ;)

    @anon2: thank you very much :)

    @anon3: thank you very much, me too ^^

    @Summer: Hi Summer, thank you soo much :)

    @Angie's Lover: thank you very much :)

    @kamilszy: thank you very much ^^

    @anon4: thank you very much, I can confirm that in next FJ #3 will be also lesbian acts...

  11. well thanks for telling me i guess ill have to do what you did and after i get the programe practice untill i can make a realy good version myself. WildHawk

  12. question would the victoria pack be a good place to start from if i wanted to make my own lara or another female character. WildHawk

  13. @WildHawk: It depends how do you want how she will look. There are some different characters like Victoria4 (or newest 5), Aiko4, Girl4 or others.
    It's your choice...

  14. Ok so is it kinda like a character creator in games where you swap parts to get close then modify the body and face or is it more in detail also how do you change her facial exprestions like the last pic. WildHawk

  15. @Wildhawk: In parameters tab, but there is a lot of basic tutorials on the net about DAZ, you should find them on official forum or elsewhere. Also I recommend to try experiment with program on your own.

  16. Oh ya when i get it i plan to play with it alot to get good with it also can it do animation or would i need another programe for that? WildHawk

  17. You can download the originals by replacing "s1600" with "d", but then you cannot view the images in the browser (not in Firefox anyway).


    I don't know if there is any other way around it.

  18. @Wildhawk: For some basic animations you can use DAZ Studio.

    @anon5: thank you very much for your tip, its a pity that blogpspot automatically downscale images larger than 1600 pixels :/

    1. You can see the originals by replacing "s1600" with "s2000"


      Fix :)

      This is the other way around it. n_n Sorry for the comments removed

      Thanks for your art

    2. Thank you very much for the tip :)
      No problem I remove them.

  19. When will you get new pictures? We're waiting:)

  20. @anon6: After Solo Raider I made a pause for a while, but now I'm back and working on 110%.
    I want to create few remakes, own creations, hardcore stuff,... like always :)

  21. Followed your work from the start. Always glad to come back to new work. Loving it!! You make lots of people happy haha.

    Also I'm loving the anal play.

  22. the rugburn on her cheeks is a real clever touch.