Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas :) + Feature on Affect3D

Merry Christmas :)

Thanks all for your comments, support and critque. 
I wish you  Merry Christmas and happy holidays :)




Feature on Affect3D

I was asked by Miro from Affect3D, if I can make few exclusive images and short interview for him.
If you are interested please visit Affect3D


  1. Cool, still a fur-tree on a background!

  2. whew, i was hoping you wouldd have a holiday treat for us! thanks!

  3. every year around this time i put up a pin up girl waring chrismas outfit this years winner looks like it will be lara she looks good. Wildhawk

  4. Merry Xmas, and thanks for nice pics :)

  5. Awesome works! I follow with curiosity.

  6. happy xmas Detomasso!

    lovely work with the new Lara renders, as always.


  7. can we get a few more angles of her in that outfit. WildHawk

  8. Thanks for the pics. XXX-mas Lara looks very sexy. You have done a lot of work in 2011 and it was all amazing. I'm looking forward to 2012 with tons of sexy and hot Lara and Doppie pics.

  9. Hiya Tom,
    Thank you for the Christmas Lara. Sexy & Beautiful. I appreciate your talent and for you sharing it with us. They are both soon to become my two new wallpapers for a time. Hope you had a Wonderful and Safe Christmas and Best Wishes in the New Year!! Summer

  10. Thank you all again very much for your comments :)

    WildHawk: sorry, I'm not planning to make another versions of this picture

    cya in 2012 :)

  11. Do you only make pictures of the young Lara? The pics always look like Lara from the upcoming game, but not like Lara from Tomb Raider Underworld for example.

    Anyway, awesome work!