Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tomb Raider 3 Remake

A remake one of my favorite TR3 wallpaper...



  1. Very very nice!!!... I am becoming more and more like your Lara Croft...Thank you, DeTomasso :-)
    When will the refill?

  2. Very sexy. Hope to see more remakes in the future.

  3. This is just incredible... She looks like maybe something has her startled... maybe she was just relaxing in her house... when all of a sudden... a loud smash of crockery...

    ...Is she really as alone as she thought she was..? least that's what is going on in my mind :)

  4. Greetings My Friend,
    Well, its another Beautiful render. You say wallpaper?, yet it is a vertical render and not horizontal? (me = confused)...

    Yep, I would have loved to make it my new temporary wallpaper today. -if it were anything close to my 1920x1080 +/-. I will see what I can do and try to use it as a wallpaper anyway. Too Beautiful of an image not to try :)

    Ta Ta for Now, ...Summer

  5. @alanbeslekoev: thank you very much :) the new set will be released soon...

    @Angie's Lover : thank you so much, I can say, there will be a lot of remakes this year

    @anon1: thank you very much, or unexpected company comes during her "relaxation" ^^

    @Summer: thank you very much :) sorry, but remake it like original ~ vertically oriented wallpaper :P

  6. can you do the one with her hugging the pillow kneeling on the bed?
    or where she's in the black dress and heels, lying on the bed, legs overlapped
    those were my favorite :drool: