Sunday, February 12, 2012

Professor Croft PREVIEW

Here is short preview of project - codename "Professor Croft",
which I'm making with my very good friend and phenomenal story-writer / storyteller Bitamin.
He writes amazing adult stories and I'm very happy that we can work together.
"Professor Croft" is in development for some time, and ahead us is A LOT of work, but I'm sure you will enjoy it :) 



an unusual angle ^_^


  1. Middle one is incredible! :omg: What a teacher! :D Wondering what's her faculty... :? Don't know - maybe physicist. Those physics... make me think about some sort of physical contact. :phew: ...and there the third image comes at sight... which speaks minds of many aloud at that time already. :P ...I understand you say 'unusual' angle, because it could be sooo hard to find ourselves in that position xD, looking forward to do anything our 'teacher' would tells us to ;)
    The set is going to be awsome. :dance:

  2. Hiya Tom,
    YAY & Thank you. I've been waiting for the next new stuff. The footjob stuff was not my cup of tea at all. These are Amazing though.

    Is it me?, or does Lara's face look different in these now? ...appears maybe you changed slightly how she looks. Excellent I say, but different? ...or maybe just one too many beers for me :)

    I cannot wait for this series to unfold. I have no doubt it will be Manificent -as usual

    just me, ...Summer

  3. Yes, looking forward to this story as it develops. I'm sure we've all fancied a teacher in our past ;-)

    Great looking art too! Thanks for creating it.

  4. loved the footjob, and this looks like a great follow up set. her outfit and shoes are perfect.

  5. Good lord she looks sexy in pic 1. Loving her new hair!

  6. wow she looks so classie and sexy at the same time. wildhawk

  7. These look amazing, I love her hair and outfit. I can't wait to see the rest of this.

  8. God I fucking LOVE underboob!

  9. She looks amazing! I love her :)

  10. Excellent - nude one is amazing.