Friday, July 6, 2012


Lara in catsuit :)

From today, I'll upload all my current and upcoming pictures on my new webpage Site is under construction now and will be finished later (3 or 4 months :/ ), so actually is used as image host.







  1. Bring back the old face of Lara!) Please...a very ugly face...

  2. wow first comment anyway lara looks good in anything especially when she's smiling good job tom. WildHawk

  3. Looks pretty good.
    I'll agree with alanbeslekoev tho, her face seams strange. I think her eye sockets are too deep and the nose too small. The old version was better, imho.

    p.s. Long time without Prof. Croft, any plans for her?

  4. Partially agree with alanbeslekoev, new face looks more like the games, it isn't bad at all, but old face was waay better IMO :D

  5. Awsome. I love them all. :dance: You keep world of nude Lara alive. Where are the sponsors, lol? :D

  6. Hiya Tom,
    Its always Great to see a New post from you my friend. Hate to agree with all those above but I too prefer the "old face". Looked younger/spunkier to me. Just my opinion. This newer look is Good too... just much prefer the former.

    Excellent. Great news on your new and upcoming webpage!! As soon as I read that minutes ago I immediately went there and have now saved it in my favorites and await its completion with much anticipation.

    Once agaon, Thank you for all your Hard work and all your Lara renders. I love them.

    Til next time,


  7. HOT HOT HOT!! :)

  8. The most beautiful person, please bring it back ... ;)

    1. Yup, she looks so good with the younger face and the big tits.

      Angie's Lover

  9. Great Images ;D

  10. I keep coming here very often and feel so excited every time for a new post. Great job as usual. Personally I agree with the "old face" looks better. Anyway, both the new and old ones are so pretty to me.Looking forward for your next great pictures!!!

  11. Wow, thanks for fulfilling my request! That was really cool of you to do.

  12. That hot! Please make some new Lara in catsuit having sex with a guy or Doppel! ^^

  13. I really like the 4'th picture! I'm not sure why, but I like looking at it alot! I think it's her face with the headset and the way she sits on the barrel (not to forget that her shirt is dragged down :p). You sure did a very good job with it! Thank you!

    Ps. Please make more catsuit renders, maybe with a different kind of catsuit which is in itself more revealing, or something :)

  14. really really awesome work...i love your 3d models you are the most talented guy at this in the world seriously....i just have a petition...please please can you do some jill valentine??

  15. Man, the only way I found to describe your work is... Something that go beyond perfection.

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