Wednesday, August 24, 2011

TR2 + Nude version

A quick remake


Nude version (update 29/08/2011)



  1. LOVE the New banner picture below more of course (currently my wallpaper) ...But this one is Exceptional too - saved of course. My only wish was that she was topless, or torn shirt, or maybe just some nipples action poking thru t-shirt :o). I appreciate and look forward to all your posted renderings. There's no one better. just me, ...Summer

  2. wow love this one, when i looked at it i thought it looked like one of the good cosplayers doing lara its realy good. WildHawk

  3. Lol, I used to have this pic on my mousemat!

    But as always, your version looks a hell of a lot sexier than the original, DT!

    Did you upsize her boobs a little for this one? – they look fuller and more 'classic-Lara-style' than usual.


    PS, is there any chance you could you do a topless and/or a fully naked version of this pic? (maybe keeping her boots on tho) – it would be so hot to see Lara naked in such a classic pose!

  4. @Summer: thank you very much, sometimes I want to make a non-nude render like remake, but I can rerender to a fully nude :)

    @WildHawk: thank you very much

    @Bitamin: thank you very much,
    yes I upsized a litlle bit her boobies,
    Right now I'm going to rerender to a fully nude version only with neccesary things

    btw, I'm working on new hardcore picture set, hope I finish it in middle of September

  5. wow she looks so awsome good job. WildHawk

  6. Angie's Lover29 August, 2011 20:33

    WOW, Lara looks so realistic, amazing work. More Remakes please.

  7. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the updated Nude Lara against the wall. You're the Best!
    just me, ..Summer

  8. Muchas gracias senor DeTomasso!

    Definitely looking forward to those hardcore pics

    And the nude version of the wall pic is fantastic – so hot!


  9. wonderful works :) love all of them!

  10. Gotta say, all of your work is hands down the best 3d rendering, modeling, posing, and texturing I have ever seen. Keep up the good work!

  11. @WildHawk: thank you very much again :)

    @Angie's Lover: thank you, don't worry, there will be a lot of more :)

    @Summer: thank you very much :)

    @Bitamin: ^^ thank you very much

    @anon1: thank you :)

    @Hydrocity: thank you so much :)

    Because some unexpected technical error on my PC, my work was stopped for one week, so next pictures set will be released at weekend or little bit later :/

  12. Thanks for the update my friend, I was wondering what had happened as I checked in daily. I look forward to more when your problem is corrcted and you find the time. Summer

  13. Any news on new pictures DeTomasso?

  14. Has DeTomasso died?? O.o

  15. I posted from this update a lot of pictures and I'm still alive :/

  16. Mr.Fussy says: very nice work ! I'd really like the pic on the right hand side though it's smokin' hot O.O. Thanks for the download :)