Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lara vs. Nathan

Lara vs. Nathan
















  1. very very nice. thank you. you do a great job.

  2. bin a while since your last up date but damn lara looks as good as always i would say my fav out of this group would be when she's firing her guns and the last one posing good job. WildHawk

  3. Amazing work as usual!

  4. Wow... this is your best work to date DeTomasso!

    The detail is amazing – muscle structure in the models, their expressions, clothes (Lara's outfit, daaammnnn!! those shorts are super-short!), the dinosaurs (Jurassic Park inspired, right?).

    Best quality CG work I've ever seen on the internet... You just keep getting better and better!


  5. oh man...that just leaves me begging for more...

    some closeups or POVs of those scenes would be nice (at least for the anal stuff :) )

  6. Perfect, so hot, man! :la:

  7. Beautiful. Just an Excellent series. So much detail - WOW! Of course as you know I am not a HC fan at all but did save #1,#2, and #11 from this set. The rest are not my taste so much but still appreciate the talent. Thank you and more to come I hope. just me, ...Summer

  8. @anon1: thank you very much :)

    @Nesoun: thank you :)

    @WildHawk: thank you very much :)

    @Hydrocity: thank you so much :)

    @Bitamin: wow, thank you very much Bitamin
    yes, the inspiration was from Jurassic Park :)

    @hirm: thank you, close-ups and POV will be realized in next HC set

    @anon2: thank you :)

    @Summer: thank you so much Summer, don't worry remake and solo pictures are comming...

  9. Amazing as always. Love the poses. Really nice texture work. You make a Lot of people happy posting free talented work. Your the best out there no doubt.

  10. @Rockstarblunt: thank you very much, it makes me very happy that I can share my work with people and they like it :)

  11. Good to see Lara in some hardcore action. Nice gag with the guns.