Friday, September 23, 2011





  1. A dream has become reality, Lara Croft is in the Playboy. Thanks DeTomasso.

  2. 10 reasons:

    1. Hair
    2. Face
    3. Eyes
    4. Lips
    5. Boobs
    6. Belly
    7. Bum
    8. Thighs
    9. Calves
    10. Feet!

    Amazing work, as always Detomasso


  3. oh wow that lovely face thoughs pritty eyes that perfect skin i cant remember did you but her at poster pro and mod her or just work up to her eather way she looks amazing. WildHawk

  4. Hiya Tom, WOW ...I Love them Both!! Both not HC, Thanks!! ~saved~ Nice theme on the playboy picture. Hope you will consider posting it also as a clean/plain pic. I'd like to save it both ways. The second render is my favorite however. Belly down from the front. All thats missing is a little nipple, But FANTASTIC just as you made it. Those eyes on the second one, ...piercing & hypnotic. just me, ...Summer

  5. Another great post, thanks man.
    Not sure if requests are appreciated but could you make some more with her in heels?

  6. @Angie's Lover: thank you too :)

    @bitamin: thank you very much ^^

    @WildHawk: thank you very much, she was created in DAZ Studio

    @Nesoun: thank you :)

    @Summer: thank you very much Summer, I can post clean version of this picture :)

    @anon1: thank you, yes, the heels and black dress will be back soon...